Roasted Asparagus Skinny Guacamole

Guacamole – minus the avocados! 

Join us for week two of our Clean Eating Challenge with Donna’s Roasted Asparagus Guacamole recipe.  You’ve got to see it to believe it… delicious!

Roasted Asparagus Skinny Guacamole

Yes, you read that right. Avocado-free guacamole.

This is what happens when you are craving guacamole but you have no avocados in your fridge and the ones at the store are rock hard. What I did have was several bunches of asparagus just begging to be roasted. And so, I thought – Why Not? Desperation, not inspiration, is often the Mother of Invention in my kitchen. This guacamole with roasted asparagus is delicious – and has much less fat than avocados – win -win, I say. I just added all the things I normally add to guacamole – ok, I did also add one tablespoon of mayo just for the creaminess. (You could omit that if you’re being extra virtuous). But everything else is what I typically use in guacamole: green chiles, a little lime juice and a bit of hot sauce. I asked the hubs to guess the “secret ingredient” before we started the photo session, and he couldn’t guess. Then when I told him that I had used asparagus, he not only didn’t believe me – he actually went to the garbage can to look for avocado peels. No, I am not making that up. He raved and raved about this and asked me to make it this way from now on. I plan to – for at least as long as asparagus is cheaper than avocados! Give this Roasted Asparagus Guacamole a try and then head over to the other blogs in our Clean Eating Challenge.   …

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Spring Pea Guacamole Recipe for a Light Fresh Cinco de Mayo


Spring Pea Guacamole

I am one of those people who never makes guacamole the same twice. So many things influence my guac – my mood, the occasion, what I have in the fridge and pantry.

I love to be adventurous with my guac, as you will see by my Roasted Garlic Guacamole. So. I decided to give a fresh springtime spin on guac.

The addition of peas is a delicious update on both flavor and healthiness of guacamole. They give a light texture and sweet taste to this classic southwest dip. And, lightens up your guacamole by decreasing the overall fat level. Highly, highly recommend pureeing some fresh peas and stirring them into your guac!

There is my recipe below – but please experiment on your own – so many things can be delicious in guacamole. I am impressed by the Cucumber Pomegranate Guac at A Cozy Kitchen – such great flavors and textures!  Wow – check out Crab and Blackberry Guacamole at Healthy Delicious. I’d love to try Maria’s Guacamole Grilled Cheese at Two Peas and Their Pod. I now have a crush on the Chunky Citrus Guacamole at Foodie Crush. Love the presentation of Guacamole Cones at Super Healthy Kids. Adn helthy fat meets bacon in Food Blogga’s Bacon Guacamole.

So many guacs. So little time.

Must try a few for Cinco de Mayo!

— posted by Donna

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