Spooky Halloween Spider Punch Recipe
Recipe type: Beverage
These are more of a "direction" than a recipe. The amounts will vary depending on how large your glasses are.
  • Thin black licorice ropes
  • Black sanding sugar (optional)
  • Corn syrup (for the rim of glass, optional)
  • Grenadine syrup
  • Ice
  • Orange juice
  • Straws
  1. For spider, cut licorice ropes into segments about 3 to 4 inches long for spider “legs” and bundle them together. Tie legs together with a long licorice strand.
  2. For black top of glass, place a piece of tape around top of glass about ½ inch below the top. Then, rub corn syrup over top ½ inch and then roll in black sanding sugar. Remove tape.
  3. For drink, to get "layered" look, place ingredients in glass in this order. First, pour a little grenadine syrup into the bottom of the glass. Next, add ice cubes to fill the glass. Then, pour in orange juice to fill the glass. Top with more grenadine.
  4. Garnish with spiders by placing the end of the long strand of licorice tied around each spider into the top end of a straw. Place the straw in the glass so that the licorice spider "dangles" from the straw.
Recipe by Everyday Southwest at https://www.everydaysouthwest.com/spooky-halloween-spider-punch-recipe/