DIY Nachos Recipe for a Crowd

by Donna on January 25, 2013

Nachos for a Crowd

Let’s say, for example, you love football. Even imagine that you like to watch one football game every year. OK, confession time: you hate football but love hanging out on the couch on a cold winter day with loved ones and eating great snack foods all day long. (Editorial comment: this blog loves and accepts all football fan levels. (Football is the brown pointy ball, right?)

Do I ever have the solution for you: DIY nachos!

Yes, that’s right. Just set out ingredients in the kitchen and a stack of baking sheets, pizza pans or other baking pans and let folks build their own. No whining. No “MOM, why did you put green onions/olives/chorizo on the nachos???” Your calm response: “Just make your own dang nachos!!!”

I was inspired by the fabulous Bon Appetit foodist himself, Andrew Knowlton, in his feature this month in Bon Appetit: Nachos and all the Fixings. I just added the DIY feature because, well, of the whine factor described above.

I love his technique: spread chips on a baking sheet, scatter on cheese and all other ingredients that need to be cooked, and place in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes, or until cheese is melted.

He makes his own carnitas – but suggests another fun, easy option: head to your local BBQ joint and buy pulled pork. Bring it home and crisp it in oil and add spices. Genius!

I chose to go with chorizo myself, my tasty low-fat homemade version, of course!

Other favorite ingredients at the Kelly Casita: monterey jack cheese (so melty!); cheddar cheese (so classic), green onions (I put these babies on everything), black beans, pinto beans, roasted jalapeno slices (yes, you must broil them), thin radish slices (for crunch), crumbled queso fresco (OK, use feta in an emergency!), cilantro (you either hate it or love it – I’m a fan).

Have a Super Brown-Pointy-Ball Day, Everyone!

— posted by Donna

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